Obama warmists outnumbered 4 to 1 by skeptics at Alabama Congressman’s office

The Cullman Times reports:

A trio of citizens concerned about environmental issues clashed with supporters of U.S. Congressman Robert Aderholt over his stance on climate change at his Cullman office Tuesday morning.

The group showed up at the Republican House of Representative’s office on Fourth Avenue Northeast to protest Aderholt’s opposition to the theory of global climate change. They were participating in the national “Day of Action” campaign where representatives with the national Organizing for Action confront officials whom they believe oppose enviromental interests and deny global climate change is a problem.

Aderholt was not present at the demonstration at his Cullman office or a separate one at his office in Gadsden today. He issued at press release that stated “the only climate we should be talking about today is this country’s stalled economics and jobs climate.”

“We’re calling on different members of Congress to open up, look at the facts and talk about ways we can make changes for the future,” said Jim Spearman, executive director of Conservation Alabama, an environmental lobbying group, who attended the demonstration.

A dozen or so local Republican supporters showed up to defend Aderholt’s record on the enviroment.

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3 thoughts on “Obama warmists outnumbered 4 to 1 by skeptics at Alabama Congressman’s office”

  1. This was actually the ratio of warmist demonstrators to counter-demonstrators at these offices. Popular response to your concerns seems to be awfully lacking, despite OFA backing. Some sinking clipper!

  2. With all due respect to commenter “Robert L Bell”, I would respectfully suggest the genuine “little cult” in existence out there is the one which denies the reality of plausible science-based criticisms coming from skeptic climate scientists.

    I’d also suggest there’s really only two kinds of people on Planet Earth: Skeptics of man-caused global warming, and folks who would become skeptics of it after taking the time to read skeptic material without passion or prejudice.

  3. Steve: you have a couple of articles posted on the topic of how denialists outnumber the reality based at organisations that are known to be crazy and stupid. You might want to reconsider. Cruz? Alabama? That’s lashing yourself to the top mast of a sinking clipper in hopes that you’ll be the last to drown. I think I’ll pass on joining your little cult.

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