Mulshine: ‘On climate change, politicians should stick to politics’

Newark Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine writes:

Our former governor recently had her name on this op-ed piece in the New York Times calling for action on carbon-dioxide emissions.

The piece nicely illustrates two of my major objections to the “consensus” argument advanced by the alarmists.

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3 thoughts on “Mulshine: ‘On climate change, politicians should stick to politics’”

  1. It’s really a shame Mr. Mulshine couldn’t somehow find a way onto one of the impartial peer-review panels of IPCC 1-4 that, as the UN boasts, are comprised of fair and independent scientists. I’m sure the “Summary for Policymakers,” which is all the politicians and journalists ever glance over before picking our pockets, would have been truly peer-reviewed. Is there still time for him to help out on IPCC-5?

  2. Not in love with the article. Mainly because it argues from the points that the EPA should do something because it is doable and that Hansen has found what that is. Whitman is uneducated because she insisted that ozone played a part in global warming, but Hansen isn’t? Both sides of the author’s mouth are not in agreement in this one article.

  3. Mr. Mulshine is correct about the science in the AGW controversy. But the issue is political — for some politicians as a way to show leadership, for others a way to join a bandwagon. Since the “sky is falling” politicians are bent on destruction, others have to oppose them and some of those opponents, like Senator Inhofe, seem to enjoy it for its own sake.

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