MSM gets it: ‘Americans Don’t Care What Scientists Think About Climate Science’

The National Journal reports:

Scientists from the world’s premier climate-change research panel are preparing to once again promise the world that they believe—in fact, they’re really pretty sure—that human beings are causing global warming.

But if past is prologue, the new report will do exactly nothing to increase the American public’s confidence in man-made climate change.

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3 thoughts on “MSM gets it: ‘Americans Don’t Care What Scientists Think About Climate Science’”

  1. It’s the same UN sponsored clowns, who have not been right about anything yet, saying the same crap. How is it that the public is supposed to see them as more credible now?

  2. I care a great deal about what scientists say about climate change. I’ve listened and read a great deal. The balance of facts, along with how a lot of the positions have been presented, leads me to my proud position as a denier.

  3. It’s about time MSM woke up to understand, that alot of people are tired of all the imaginary fantacy science they come up with, just to strip the standards of living we used to have, and scare people to thinking Al Gore and David Suzuki are the Gods to fix the problem.

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