Michael Mann: ‘Primary cause’ of climate change is fossil fuel burning

So how did it change before the fossil fuel era? And where is the global warming for the last 17 years?

Joe Romm writes at ClimateProgress:

The Fifth — and hopefully final — Assessment Report (AR5) from the UN Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) is due next month. The leaks are already here:…

Dr. Michael Mann emailed me:

“The report is simply an exclamation mark on what we already knew: Climate change is real and it continues unabated, the primary cause is fossil fuel burning, and if we don’t do something to reduce carbon emissions we can expect far more dangerous and potentially irreversible impacts on us and our environment in the decades to come.”

3 thoughts on “Michael Mann: ‘Primary cause’ of climate change is fossil fuel burning”

  1. As there’s been no global warming in 17 years, http://www.woodfortrees.org/plot/rss/from:1997/plot/rss/from:1997/trend
    I assume Mann and the IPCC ‘Government’ panel et al mean climate change like extremes.
    Like all alarmists, they don’t deal in facts or data or empirical evidence.

    A quick google search shows that in Mann’s United States 80% of all weather extremes occurred when CO² was under 350ppm and before 1990 http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/extremes/scec/records (check ‘All elements’)

    Isolating temperature, the top 5 years when most extreme records were set were all in the 1930s when CO² was below 300ppm http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/extremes/scec/records

    They want you to believe man’s 12 parts per million contribution to evil CO² in the atmosphere causes CAGW, but a quick look at historical evidence, and this analogy, shows up the insanity for what it is… http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2013/08/16/understanding-400-ppm/

  2. If Mann used science, reason, and logic, his spoutings would make sense. Until then, I find him a very entertaining buffoon.

  3. Yeah, if climate change began right after the Industrial Revolution got underway (now define that date), human production of CO2 didn’t become very large for quite a while. So how did it cause the end of the Little Ice Age?
    In fact, compared to natural sources of CO2, human production still isn’t large.

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