Global warming blamed for Haiti cholera epidemic — Reality: UN workers imported the bacteria reports:

Last month, a report authored by a group of former United Nations scientists used DNA testing to link the cholera bacteria responsible for the outbreak to UN peacekeepers from Nepal. The evidence, which offers strong support for the UN’s culpability, caused international outrage and demands that the United Nations take responsibility for its unintentional infection of Haiti earthquake victims.

However, while the Nepali workers may have brought the cholera into Haiti, according to Rita Colwell, former director of the National Science Foundation and renowned climate change researcher, unusually warm weather and other climate change factors also contributed to the rapid spread of cholera in the months following the earthquake’s devastation in Haiti.

“Climate change and cholera have a complicated link,” Colwell said in an exclusive interview with United Nations based media agency UNEARTH News published August 7. “As far as Haiti is concerned, the disease outbreak was triggered by a complicated set of factors. The precipitation and temperatures were above average during 2010 and that, in conjunction with a destroyed water and sanitation infrastructure, can be considered to have contributed to this major disease outbreak.”

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3 thoughts on “Global warming blamed for Haiti cholera epidemic — Reality: UN workers imported the bacteria”

  1. You folks just don’t understand. There is nothing bad that happens that is not a result of global warming, especially if you are a rent seeker with grand plans for re-engineering society on a global scale.

  2. Cholera epidemics were the norm during the latter part of the LIA in Western Europe. The reason for the epidemics was lack of clean water and the menagement of waste water; so larger towns and cities were automatically the most-vulnerable.

  3. Warm weather in Haiti. Who’d a thunk it possible? Better watch out. Miami is only a few hundred miles north of Haiti. They could be in for some warm weather also if this devastating AGW trend continues.

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