EPA chief: Destroying the coal industry ‘not a scary thing to do’

From the Daily Camera’s report on Gina McCarthy’s CU-Boulder speech:

But she voiced satisfaction at going to work for a president whom she believes has the right priorities on climate change, and is not buying into the “false choice” of supporting environmental remedies or boosting the economy.

“I am working for a president who gets it and is going to force the issue by taking action that is common sense, that you people have taken, that has worked out very well for local communities across the U.S., that helps advance our clean energy agenda, that helps advance our national security agenda, that helps grow jobs,” McCarthy said.

She added: “We’re going to do this this year, next year, the following year, until people understand that these are not scary things to do, these are actions we can all do, they are actions that benefit everybody, they are actions that will grow the economy, and they are actions that protect the health and safety of the planet and the individuals on the planet that we live on.” [Emphasis added]

9 thoughts on “EPA chief: Destroying the coal industry ‘not a scary thing to do’”

  1. Howdy benofhouston
    The book’s Elrond, like the book’s Aragon, is superior to the movie’s version. But the line and the way it was pronounced really made my grammatical point. Still love the Jackson movies.
    Ash nazg, etc.

  2. That line was an invention of Peter Jackson. The actual Council of Elrond spanned 40-100 pages depending on the size of your print’s font. They discussed everything concerning the ring’s history and every option from destroying it to using it to hiding it to throwing it in the sea to giving it to the Archangel council. It was after going through each of these options, weighing them, discarding them one by one as unworkable, unfeasible, or temporary, that they decided on destruction. Even then,they discussed building forges or trying to find dragons before setting out to Mordor.

    In many ways, it was the best part of the trilogy. Of ocurse, having people sit down and talk for several hours wouldn’t make for good cinema.

    Finally, reality isn’t the movies. Weneed the book Elrond, not the movie Elrond

  3. If the BHO, et al, rhetoric regarding the coal industry continues, it’s bound eventually to have a substantial depressive effect on the value of coal companies. So, if government officials act in such a way as to deliberately/intentionally destroy the value of a private company, can the stockholders of that company sue for damages?

    Could the officials as individuals be criminally liable for stock manipulation?


    They’ve thrown you over the side in favor of the Pagan religion, are you SURE you want to keep signing those checks when all you get for your money is a smirk and pat on the back in return. Oh well, it wasYOUR choice to play the cabal game.

  5. The measure of desensitization is the lack of fear of something that should be frightening. Being able to control fear is good. Lacking it is unnatural.

  6. “…and is not buying into the ‘false choice’ of supporting environmental remedies or boosting the economy.” So, for McCarthy and Obama, the only route (if there’s no other, there’s no choice) is to ruin the economy.
    While I’m thinking of grammar and language, things that Obama and his ilk mar frequently, the phrase “…you have only one choice…” (imagine Elrond and his portentious voice at the Council) is automatically wrong. If there’s only one, there’s no choice or option. Lots of stupid phrases like this have become commonplace. Apologies for stomped toes.

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