Centers for Disease Con: Global warming already hurting public health

The Weather Channel reports:

Every area of the country is vulnerable to the effects of climate change, according to Dr. George Luber, associate director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s climate and health program.

Some effects are already noticeable. For example, you might be surprised to learn that climate change plays a role in health conditions such as asthma and allergies.

Luber said that public health officials need to be equipped to respond to the variety of health issues affected by climate change. Already, the CDC has rolled out a program for “climate-ready states and cities.” “There are 16 states and two cities that [the CDC] funds to work through the BRACE process — Building Resistance Against Climate Effects,” Luber said. “We engage climate scientists and local public health officials to anticipate, predict and prepare for large climate events.”

Here are a few examples of the short-term effects of climate change that may already be affecting your health — no matter where you live in the country — plus a look at more severe trends on the way, according to Luber and the CDC.

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6 thoughts on “Centers for Disease Con: Global warming already hurting public health”

  1. What a piece of propaganda. This is science by throwing spitballs against the wall to see what sticks. From excess deaths due to hot weather to insect bites, fires, the obligatory mention of “Superstorm” Sandy and ending with a picture of cuddly polar bears, they covered everything.
    Well, there may be a bright side. My grass needs cutting. It is hot and humid in Richmond and I’m a senior citizen. Maybe I can convince the boss that a riding mower would be a healthier alternative than a push mower.
    Maybe these guys should compare the doom and gloom they predict to about 1300-1350. Between the Great famine at the start of the Little Ice Age and the Black Death the population of Europe decreased by 75-200 million. A little warmer seems preferable to a little colder.

  2. This is certainly true. The billion$ spent on grants and bogus green projects do not get spent on real problems. The economy suffers. That hurts all of us.

  3. What are ‘large climate events’? How do I recognise one? Can anybody show me one? How will one affect my health? Just askin’ :-).

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