15 thoughts on “As dumb as it gets… World Vasectomy Day Crowdfunding Video”

  1. Ehrlich is a wack-job with a history of NEVER being right with his apocalyptic predictions so of course, he is embraced by the Left. Agree with Jim Sweet – “I’m all in favor of lefties improving the gene pool in this manner.”

  2. Absolutely. But then you’d better be constitutionally given to take care of what you’ve procreated. That’s why God placed men on the earth as His co-regents–to multiply and subdue (and that order was given before Eve totally screwed things up, and after Adam took his eyes off of her for five seconds). Tertullian nailed it years ago.

  3. My vasectomy was done AFTER my children were born, as a prophylaxis against a strong family history of prostate cancer. A vasectomy does not alter hormones. It simply disconnect the sperm factories from the rest of the plumbing.
    All cancers have one single element in common – altered DNA in living cells. Sperm have evolved over many millions of years to invade living cells and alter their DNA *without* killing them.
    With my progeny assured, I had no further need of sperm in my semen.

  4. Civilisation is maladaptive. Or, as techgm noted recently, “most civilizations die from suicide”.

  5. I was moved by this passionate appeal, mostly to laughter and some not-too-kind thoughts about who might be a candidate. I can offer a better deal than he can: for $49,000, I won’t ever mention world vasectomy day again.

  6. I don’t believe it changes the testosterone level. As Geoff said, the choice to have this done is personal, not some idiotic social engineering idea.

  7. Any man that would choose to emasculate himself for any reason demonstrates one thing–he deserves to be emasculated. You are what you’re becoming.

  8. There are excellent reasons to choose a vasectomy. They are personal, not community business. And Ehrlich has no ideas of value as far as I can tell.
    How do people like him keep their credibility? Or Sharpton? Or Jesse Jackson in any edition? Or…

  9. I’m sixty years old. For some reason unknown to me, I’ve been unable to father a child–let alone a son. Heaven knows I haven’t tried. But if, for some reason, the Lord would grant me a son in my old age, here’s what I would do. First, I would read to him from the Bible daily. Then, I would teach him not to feel sorry for himself, but to work for everything he holds dear. And when he screws up–as kids are given to do–I’d kick his ass, but then pick him up and hold him and say, “Dad loves you–stop embarrassing me and do what’s right.” And when he’s got the basics down, I’d encourage him to stand in his own way against idiots who produce videos like “World Vasectomy Day.”

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