Sadar: Evangelical Environmentalism

Meteorologist Anthony Sadar writes at American Thinker:

Sadly, a few days ago, a group of about 200 evangelical scientists and academics sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Members of Congress advising them to take immediate action “to reduce carbon emissions.” The letter read in part, “As evangelical scientists and academics, we understand climate change is real and action is urgently needed.”

The letter goes on to preach the tired environmental-activist mantra listing the results of man’s sinful actions like hottest year on record (for less than two-percent of the Earth), wildfires, droughts, and public health outbreaks (all unfortunate but not too atypical).

The sin of course is modern human activity in prosperous nations. You know, the kind of sinful activity that has lifted so many out of poverty, protected them from never-ending “unusual” weather events, and dramatically contributed to healthy living.

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9 thoughts on “Sadar: Evangelical Environmentalism”

  1. Okay–free will. So we still cannot destroy the planet without permission or we are bigger than God. He has to stand by and do nothing (permission) or we fail. Anyway, that’s not really the point. The point is AGW says we are equal to God because we control the earth’s climate. We override the nature that God created. We don’t just waste resources and blow things up, we actually control nature.

  2. I find no evidence that God gave us permission to completely trash the earth. We do bad things to it, but the claims of AGW is that WE control the climate, not God, not nature but human beings. That’s a pretty big claim. (Note the tower of babl comment) I would never argue that God said we should trash the earth or that he wouldn’t let us be stupid for quite some time before stepping in. (witness Sodom and Gomorrah)

    I remember the first Earth Day and thought the same thing of it then that I do now. I am all for reasonable measures to keep the planet clean–but just like every other project, as the Earth became cleaner, those who profited saw their opportunity slipping away and had to keep inventing problems to maintain their importance. It seems no one really ever wants to work themselves out of a job, even when that was the appropriate goal.

  3. We do not think only God can make it uninhabitable, God has given us free-will and we are certainly capable of destroying the Earth by lots of different means. He also gave us brains, brains which we should use to discern what is truth and what is not. My faith in God is not a blind faith, it is based on data that I have personally witnessed and interpreted. My God-given brains insist on similar data and interpretation to prove that we should divert our God-given resources from feeding the hungry and clothing to the poor over to enriching a few academics and idol-worshipers. Most of us grew up during the original “Earth Day” euphoria, and many of us still believe it is our duty to protect the environment we have been given and therefore respect the blessings given to all of God’s creatures. However, the original altruism behind the environmental movement has been hijacked by charlatans and wannabe High Priests of Secular Humanism into nothing more than a political power grab and pseudo wealth re-distribution scam. It has nothing to do with the environment, stewardship or benevolence.

  4. No. Those who believe God created the earth would know that only God can destroy the earth or make it uninhabitable. They would not fall prey to the “we are bigger than God” mantra. This is the church being politically correct so as to drum up donations and members. It’s as far to the other side as you can get.

  5. “As evangelical scientists and academics, we understand . . . .”

    That may be the strangest thing I ever read.

  6. I have often said the same thing. I have asked why Christians think they can destroy that which God made, at least without His permission. This is elevating humans to God status and I’m sure there was some sort of rule about not doing that somewhere in the Bible. Now churches are preaching that humans are as big and powerful as God. Why bother to claim religion at all? Just for a group of “progressives” and worship yourselves? So much more honest.

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