North Carolina paper: EPA, UNC at center of human experiments scandal

The North Carolina Free Press reports:

Type in “UNC Scandals” into an Internet search engine, and you’ll see mega-gallons of digital ink spilled over sundry misdoings related to “academics” and the school’s various athletic programs. Scores of musings on these controversies appear in “papers of record” such as the Raleigh News & Observer, the Greensboro News & Record, and the Winston-Salem Journal.

But what you won’t see in any of these respected print publications is the tale of ongoing Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) experiments being conducted at the self-billed “Southern Part of Heaven.” These studies—purportedly aimed to determine safe levels of a range of “particulate fine matter”—have resulted in the documented emergency treatment of a test participant for cardiac arrhythmia the agency says could be caused by the experiment. News of this “unfortunate” result led to the filing of a Federal lawsuit to halt the tests based on a litany of violations of universally accepted—and Federally mandated—standards regarding medical studies on humans.

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