Harvard climatologist: Western heat wave ‘probably not’ global warming

Will Martin Tingley be drummed out of the Nonsensus?

National Geographic reports:

So what’s behind the heat wave? Is global warming a factor? And how does it compare with past events? We talked to Martin Tingley, a climatologist at Harvard University, to find out…

Can we attribute this particular heat wave to an anthropogenic impact on the climate? The only safe answer is, well, probably not. It’s like if I flip one coin and it comes up heads, that doesn’t mean the coin is loaded.

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2 thoughts on “Harvard climatologist: Western heat wave ‘probably not’ global warming”

  1. The advent of air conditioned surrounds, be it offices, shopping centres, cars and homes, has desensitized us to the actual feeling of hot or cold. We dislike being inconvenienced. We dislike feeling uncomfortable.
    Perspiring is certainly not de rigueur.
    We really are children of the late 20th century.
    But, that does not equal global warming.

  2. I never minded a heat wave i lived in Iraq for two years I liked it there.

    But now I hate the heat because it brings out the noise from the self-appointed Earth saviors and unmatched misanthropes, the noise from them is worse to me than living under a 1.5 MW wind turbine

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