Guardian warmist: ‘We need to know who funds climate deniers’

But what about Guardian climate blogger Dana Nuccitelli?

Read George Moonbat’s Feb 2012 column, “We need to know who funds these thinktank lobbyists.”

Read “ Revealed: Guardian climate blogger works for EPA, wind, solar contractor without disclosure“.

3 thoughts on “Guardian warmist: ‘We need to know who funds climate deniers’”

  1. I can only envision the last scene from the 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Donald Sutherland points at the heroine and well, you’ll need to check it out.

  2. In 30 years, they have not YET been able to figure out who funds climate skeptics (virtually NO one).
    I really hope they base their reputation on their reporter’s detective work.

  3. Spreading ‘green’ on both sides of the political fence is a classic strategy for people and organizations with resources who are willing to let others ‘rule’. No matter which side comes out ahead, they will be beholden to whomever gave them money. A businessman I once met in California told me he gave to both Republicans and Democrats in every Congressional election, for exactly that reason. I guess the strategy would also work for ‘alarmists’ and ‘deniers’.

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