Claim: Tanning might be an addiction

You mean like nannying?

Digital Journal reports:

A scientific study discovers that one out of seven patients even after being diagnosed with skin cancer will go back to tanning.

A recent study that has been published in Jama Dermatology focused on 178 patients who have admitted that they enjoy tanning before they were diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. Of the 178 patients, all were either white or non- Hispanic and were mostly women…

“A patient with a cancer diagnosis from a known carcinogen who continues to expose themselves to that carcinogen is often in denial,” Langley says. “That’s a prominent sign of dependency.” While others insist that skin cancer runs in their family and has nothing to do with tanning.

“Patients will often describe that it feels good when they get sun exposure or go to a tanning salon … They talk about needing to do it and craving it, and when they don’t do it, a feeling of withdrawal,” he says.

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2 thoughts on “Claim: Tanning might be an addiction”

  1. Any activity that produces physical or psychological gratification can become addictive. I suggest that people with a borderline deficiency of Vitamin D may be especially susceptible to tanning-addiction, for which the recommended treatment would be a diet with more fish oil.

  2. Smoking is safer, so long as you do it only about once a month, at pow wows, as the Indians did and hopefully still do.. I wish I was an Indian. But I will bring my Sobranie Virginias, smuggled in from the UK. As a guest of course.

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