Barbara Boxer’s new look: A glammed up Rosa Klebb

Barbara Boxer sported a new look at today’s global warming hearing. didn’t think too much of it until the Los Angeles Times ran a photo… then it hit me:

Comrade Boxer…

Barbara Boxer

looks like a glammed up Rosa Klebb (thinks like her too!):

Rosa Klebb

3 thoughts on “Barbara Boxer’s new look: A glammed up Rosa Klebb”

  1. Aside from the face shape (which she cannot control), hair length (which she also shares with Audrey Hepburn), and the librarian-style thick-rimmed glasses (which are common enough to have a profession associated with them). I’m not seeing the resemblance.

    Sorry, Steve, but insulting the appearance of the panel is beneath you and demeans the importance of this matter.

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