Aussie wind farm stopped; First-year per turbine subsidy = cost of installing turbine

What’s “renewable” are the subsidies.

The Australian reports:

A LARGE wind farm proposed for near Goulburn in NSW has been shelved after protests from local landholders including Maurice Newman, the former head of the Australian Securities Exchange who has been anointed to chair a new business advisory council if the Coalition wins this year’s federal election…

Local councillor Malcolm Barlow said Wind Prospect CWP was concerned that a Coalition government would make wind farms uneconomic. “I think the reason (the application) has lapsed, given the upcoming election, is the Coalition is going to review the renewable energy target system and carbon tax,” Mr Barlow said.

He said he strongly opposed wind farms because they were uneconomic, relying on a subsidy of up to $3 million a year per turbine.

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Installation cost for a turbine is $3-4 million.

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