Aussie warmists: We use climate models because ‘no time travelling climatologists’

No… climatologists use climate models because they want grant money.

Click for Aussie excuse-making on climate models.

Click for Roy Spencer’s “STILL Epic Fail: 73 Climate Models vs. Measurements, Running 5-Year Means“.

8 thoughts on “Aussie warmists: We use climate models because ‘no time travelling climatologists’”

  1. Those climate models are like a class full of imbeciles which, when tested, show that no individual scored better than 20%. Nevertheless, the teacher finds that every single question has been answered correctly by at least one imbecile so awards an A+ to the whole class.

  2. Did Larry crawl back to his den or basement office, or has he not yet taken an opportunity to review the responses subsequently posted?
    HL Mencken

  3. We are all time travellers in that 20 years have gone by since the models were proposed and we, now in the future, see that they are wrong. We can also time travel by applying the models to the past climate record where they again fail.

  4. There are no time traveling climatologists because back in ’24 we caught on to their scan and lynched them all. Practical time travel wasn’t perfected for another 8 years, and even then it was prohibitively expensive until the invention of the matter-doesn’t matter reactor.

  5. Howdy Laurence
    So far, the models have had two kinds of predictions: the ones that would happen anyway and the ones that haven’t happened. No model predicted the leveling or even dropping of temps since 1998; every model predicts the tropical hot spot that every satellite and weather balloon has missed.
    There may be a few elements in the models that have borne out but the models themselves remain failures.

  6. And if the models don’t fail, as evidenced by several examples in the linked article (contrary to your totally unsubstantiated 100% fail claim), we should perhaps give them some attention.

  7. From Ms Lewis and Ms Perkins: “These models are virtual laboratories;…”
    No, a laboratory lets you actually manipulate things and see the results. The models are simulations based on data and ideas about the data; if the models fail (running 100% fail in climate change so far), the models should be discarded.

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