Anthony Weiner calls Bloomberg soda ban ‘small-minded’

PolicyMic reports:

In reference to Bloomberg’s soda ban, Weiner called it “small minded,” wanting to talk more about opening new hospitals instead. “We have closed 13 hospitals in this city in the last four years and here we are worrying about the size of someone’s soft drink,” he said. It’s clear that Weiner sees food as an important issue, but doesn’t necessarily make the connection between food and health here.

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4 thoughts on “Anthony Weiner calls Bloomberg soda ban ‘small-minded’”

  1. Too funny! Weiner suffers from terminal myopia and he is calling the nanny small minded.

  2. The city of New York has closed hospitals because they couldn’t manage them to even pretend to be feasible, let alone profitable. Opening more hospitals will make the city budget far worse. But yes, the idea of managing other people’s diets (and smoking and water usage and air conditioning and…) is small minded. So is Weiner, though. He’s as “progressive” as Bloomie or Rangel or any of the Northeastern moochers and looters.

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