Al Gore Whine: MSM ignoring climate alarmism

Al Gore writes at Huffington Post:

Our planet’s climate is rapidly changing and threatening the future of our civilization, yet mainstream media outlets and many conservatives continue to ignore the problem. Why?

Is it because they dial-group their news coverage? Have entertainment values corrupted the honored role of news in our democracy?

Do aggrieved, self-polarizing reactionaries now have a Nielsen-veto over objective reporting of inconvenient truths?

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7 thoughts on “Al Gore Whine: MSM ignoring climate alarmism”

  1. Right Jim? He does come across as psychotic. There is something that is just not right about the guy. And to think, we almost had him for our President for 8 years.

  2. I don’t think even the warmists think much of AG anymore. Too many lapses, too many crony deals, sells Current to arab oil.

    I predict a psychotic breakdown for Mr. Second Chakra. Stock up on squegee mops as it will get messy.

  3. AG’s entire premise was to make AG more $$. Bad Science was merely the vehicle du jur…

  4. I think truth is inconvenient for Al Gore because the real truth is that his entire premise is based on bad science. If he had a shred of social conscience he would apologize for being taken in by the early climate alarmists now that scientists by the score are re-evaluating the climate issue and challenging the ‘panic button’ response of Gore and rest of the political community. But they want our money in bogus taxes on CO2, which is not causing any global warming, and they want excuses to manipulate and control us all.

  5. The incoveient truth is that a corrupt hypocrite like Al Gore is a terrible spokesman for anything related to environmental responsibility.

  6. Talk about your aggrieved, self-polarizing reactionary…MBP needs to find a nice rock to crawl under.

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