Warmist Fantasy: ‘Obama plan could define 2015 UN climate deal’

The Obama plan is DOA.

RTCC dreams:

Emission reduction policies announced by President Barack Obama last week could indicate the extent to which the US will commit to the new UN global climate treaty, according to experts tracking the talks.

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2 thoughts on “Warmist Fantasy: ‘Obama plan could define 2015 UN climate deal’”

  1. For openers, talk is not the same as actual reductions of emissions. The last decade has seen reduction of carbon emissions — mostly during George Bush’s term, actually — based on improved efficiency and economic stagnation in the last year of Bush’s term and continuing to this moment.
    More to the point, this warmist is hoping Obama’s leadership will lead to a treaty? Based, I’m sure, on Obama’s ability to calm Iraq (violence approaching 2007 levels), disengage in Afghanistan (Taliban attacks even as we’re supposedly negotiating with them), the Arab Spring (’nuff said), or his important role in mediating Syria’s ongoing civil war. Truly, Obama’s international policy earns him as much praise as his domestic and economic policies should bring him.

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