4 thoughts on “Video: World bank Prez says black carbon killing Chinese today”

  1. Dirty coal and cigarettes have the same problem. They both smell like crap and are probably not good for you. Coal, cleanly burned, is a Hell of a lot better than freezing in the dark. I can stay away from cigarettes, but need the light and heat from coal.

  2. Howdy Gamecock
    Nobody here has actually claimed that. Our host, though, sometimes seems close to saying things like that in relation to articles like this one.

  3. Surely we’re not going to claim that soot is good for people’s lungs, Mr. Milloy. Soot may well be a contributor to COPD and deaths, even if it is hard to tease out among other factors in COPD.
    Of course the answer to “black carbon” is cleaner energy, like decent coal plants and nuclear power and fracked methane.

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