UN Climate Chief: Forget science, we need ‘gender sensitive climate policies’

Who knows, maybe more women can make the climate hotter.

RTCC reports:

Quotas and targeted funding could be used to boost the participation of women at the UN climate talks, a new report by the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice (MRFCJ) has recommended…

Speaking at the launch in Bonn on Friday, UN climate chief Christiana Figueres said the issue should not only permeate the procedures at the talks, but also their output.

“We need to go beyond literature and really act on gender issues by implementing gender sensitive climate policies,” she said.

4 thoughts on “UN Climate Chief: Forget science, we need ‘gender sensitive climate policies’”

  1. A gender-sensitive climate policy might be that requiring families to have only one child, leading to abortions and desertions of females, should stop because humans don’t drive climate anyway.
    But if you could believe in gender-sensitive climate policy, you’re clearly more fond of fantasy than reality.

  2. As a male I am in favor of it. If I have to go to a taxpayer funding party somewhere in the world I would prefer the number of female attendees be greater than has been the norm. The number in fact, should exceed th number of make attendees.

  3. So the problem is now not enough women at warmist gabfests?

    Whassamater guys? Sounds like the “climate change” game is no longer sexy. Maybe getting real jobs would help.

  4. I’m all in favor of “gender sensitive climate policies”!
    An excess of female genders results in a high degree of turbulence in the emotional climate. 400 or more females will result in excess heating, more frequent her-icanes, and more unpredictable and extreme events. The gender sensitivity is known to be very high, as many investigators have discovered by ‘accident.’

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