The Economist: ‘Stiff’ carbon tax could keep global warming below 2°C; ‘Polluters’ should start planning now

Where’s the warming? And BTW, the 2°C is not science based.

The Economist editorializes:

Winston Churchill famously said America would always do the right thing after exhausting the alternatives. The right thing in climate policy for all the big countries is a carbon tax, which is simpler and less vulnerable to fluctuations in emissions than cap-and-trade schemes. For years, such a tax has been a non-starter politically. But as the alternatives are tested to destruction, it deserves to be looked at again. Current environmental policies will not keep the rise in global temperatures to below 2°C—the maximum that most climate scientists think safe. A carbon tax, if stiff enough, could. Big polluters should assume that such a tax will one day arrive, and start planning for it now.

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3 thoughts on “The Economist: ‘Stiff’ carbon tax could keep global warming below 2°C; ‘Polluters’ should start planning now”

  1. My Lord, these liberals are a stupid bunch–and they always are working on a scheme to control our lives, schemes that ALWAYS fail. But, hey, they mean well and they feel sooo good about themselves when they concoct these schemes.

  2. Well, we’ve tried subsidizing electric cars that nobody buys, dead-end solar panel technology, overpriced and noisy bird chopping wind turbines, burning food for fuel, and I’m sure I missed some more idiotic ideas—so what else can we try?
    What is the only thing a fat, bloated, bureaucratic government can do when wasteful spending doesn’t help?

    How Churchillian!

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