7 thoughts on “Photo proof that the nuclear industry isn’t too (you pick) honest/bright”

  1. Nuclear has been getting hammered by junk science activists for so long, they’ll do almost anything to promote the industry. Can’t blame them, really, but they aren’t helping.

  2. Well… less CO2 means less plant growth which means less pollen in the springtime. Less CO2 also means less food for the poor, which means more starving children, which means fewer adults someday, which means fewer factories, campfires, candlelight dinners, etc. polluting the atmosphere.

    Yes, I see how less CO2 could make the skies clearer. :-/

  3. 1. Carbon Dioxide doesn’t cloud skies, although smoke of course does.
    2. The nuclear industry is using the “throw the others first and maybe the wolves won’t eat us” theory. History says the wolves will be along for the nukes shortly.

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