launches petition drive against Google for supporting skeptic dinner

What’s next, banning skeptic web sites from Google searches?

The petition reads:

Come clean about any donations Google has made to the Competitive Enterprise Institute and any other climate-denier groups and pledge to never fund climate deniers again.


6 thoughts on “ launches petition drive against Google for supporting skeptic dinner”

  1. Search Google for information on any environmental, agricultural, or food issue. Any one at all. You will find the stuff from the Green Left gets vastly higher search ratings.

    Just sayin’.

  2. “LIBERAL” MANTRA: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

    yeah,… right…. I have bridge for sale, central west coast with a view, redish-brown in color, fogged in most of the time BUT… paid off in full…. send checks to….

  3. If google could figure out a way to do it and not get caught, I’m sure they would love to do this. I’m willing to bet moveon gets a bunch of cash from google employees.

  4. I should add it’s obvious what the motivation is. They are pushing Google to make a large donation to them to pay for their “sin.” This will absolve them of all mistakes and of course it must be larger than 50K. Why people like google put up with this behavior, I don’t know. Can anybody imagine a conservative group making such a request? They would be ridiculed to no end.

  5. What an arrogant, controlling bunch. It’s stunts like this that make people skeptical. Nothing raises red flags faster than somebody trying shut up other viewpoints. That’s about as un-American as one can get. They are becoming more and more afraid of being exposed. They are the ones that need to Move On because the present scam is fast dying and I’d hate to be the ones left holding the bag.

  6. Too funny. I thought Apple told all their minions/users to use Bing anyways. If not, Yahoo, Lycos and Altavista are still up. Oh, but they probably still search Google, just like Bing. Kinda like that big oil nonsense and still driving to work and flying all over the world..

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