3 thoughts on “Gone with the Warming: Whatever happened to the evangelical-environmentalist alliance?”

  1. To the warmists the real problem is that nobody is buying their message any more. This is simply a rationalization of why not. It is also in error, and as long as they warmists continue to misunderstand the reasons for their ‘problem’ they will fail at efforts to solve it. As soon as they realize the true reason that nobody is buying their message any more (i.e. they worship an environmental idol made of sand) they will realize the solution is to abandon their idolatry. Whether or not they have the intellectual courage and honesty to do so is another question. Nikola Tesla died denying that electrons could be treated as particles.

  2. Yeah, the author really doesn’t get it. The greens wanted to *co-opt* the Evangelical message, that’s why the Evangelicals wanted out. Many Evangelicals recently have pointed out that climatism is heresy, if not outright idolatry, with Nature-worship at its core.

  3. From the article, “A new bout of skepticism over the actual science of climate change reinforced these political positions. Creationism and a “God is in charge” belief became prominent again, along with a sense that any attempt to take climate change seriously was somehow unfaithful—even unjust.”

    And, “… the Heartland Institute, a think tank that has spent millions of dollars on coordinated attacks on climate change science….”

    The author either still does not get it, or does, but hopes to rely on the ignorance of readers and on ridiculing/shaming “evangelicals” into voting left.

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