Chief advocate of failed Aussie carbon tax quits politics

The Newcastle Herald reports:

Touted as a future Labor leader and perhaps best known as the chief salesman of the government’s controversial carbon tax, Greg Combet is retiring from politics after a week of turmoil in his party.

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The former Climate Change Minister announced he will quit at the upcoming federal election, but says his decision has nothing to do with return of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

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4 thoughts on “Chief advocate of failed Aussie carbon tax quits politics”

  1. I for one am not sad to see him retire but understanding the reason for his retirement is something else. Combet is a Union supporter and in the pockets of the powerful Union bosses. Kevin Rudd is more right that left and has no strong ties to the faceless union men. This is part of the reason for Rudd being overthrown in the first place. Gillard on the other hand is a useful socialist idiot that the union heavy’s thought would make a great puppet prime minister. It has all turned very ugly for them, This is the beginning of the end for left politics and their loon green fringe in this country,

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