2 thoughts on “Britain’s No-Energy Bill: Cameron government puts ‘decarbonization’ above growth”

  1. A long time British company just opened a distribution center up the road from me. They have moved their headquarters from England to Charlotte, NC. The pace of British corporate emigration will increase.

    So I am left wondering, is Cameron a clueless ideologue? Or does he believe he’ll garner more votes with his insane energy policy?

  2. The UK has spent the last seventy years preventing and consuming savings. Now the elderly, suckered by promises that couldn’t be kept and struggling with pensions that severely limit their standard of living, are to be shoved further into poverty by high energy costs which will improve nothing but the bank accounts of charlatans. Some may well die; some have already died.
    I’d say it was shameful, but part of it is the result of how those elderly voted when they were young and middle-aged.
    Elections have consequences. I do hope Americans will take this to heart.
    Come to think, the NHS ain’t been too good for the UK’s elderly either.

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