Aussie Climate Commission says 80% of fossil fuel reserves must stay in ground to avoid warming

What warming?

UPI reports:

A new report calls for 80 percent of global fossil fuel reserves to stay in the ground to avoid climate change.

“The current amount of carbon embedded in the world’s indicated fossil fuel reserves would, if all were burned, emit an estimated 286 billion tons of CO2,” stated the Australian Climate Commission’s report, an update to the commission’s 2011 study, “The Critical Decade,” examining climate change risks and responses.

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8 thoughts on “Aussie Climate Commission says 80% of fossil fuel reserves must stay in ground to avoid warming”

  1. Yep. The ABC lefties have done it again. Soon they will ground my Fokker. What hope have we got. Maybe we should emigrate to Syria and join the fun?

  2. I keep suggesting to the greenies that as a start, and an example to the rest of us, they should stop emitting CO2 – completely.
    Funnily none of them seem to be willing to set the example.

  3. Those who feel so strongly about this can step up and cease all use of fossil fuels. As you get sick and die in short order I’m sure you’ll be an inspiration to the rest of us (rolls eyes).

  4. Tim “Flim Flam Man” Flannery was out in the media selling the puff piece yesterday, and spouting off his usual apocalyptic garbage. If even one of his predictions had come true over the years, it might be worth raising an eyebrow. It is just getting tiresome.

  5. Rob, you hit the nail on the head.

    Fraudsters and cons is probably the best way to describe them. If a business man behaved like them he would be out of business or possible in jail for misrepresentation and deceit.

  6. How is it that most of us who can read a graph can clearly see that CO2 levels have not been causing changes in the Earths overall climate and yet these so called experts are still working on the basis of a total myth – how much longer do ordinary people have to put up with these idiots?

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