As warmism melts, dead-enders look to Bill Nye’s creationist strawman for salvation

Nye seems to think that people will start believing in warmism if they are convinced that “deniers” believe the Earth is 4,000 years old.

Check out this NYTimes puff piece on Bill Nye, who keeps talking about climate “deniers” in the same breath as those who supposedly believe the Earth is 4,000 years old.

Read the NYTimes piece.

5 thoughts on “As warmism melts, dead-enders look to Bill Nye’s creationist strawman for salvation”

  1. Important thing to remember here is how Nye manufactured talking point is directly traceable to Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman and his ‘creationist’ line against Rick Perry. If Huntsman has any lasting legacy now, it is how his line was turned into the most irrational of talking points, since questioning AGW is entirely reliant on detailed scientific assessments and is thus mutually exclusive with creationinsm, a religious belief having no science of ANY kind to back it up. You can’t have it both ways, reliance on scientific evidence while abhorring science that undermine a specific religious belief.

  2. As a believer in evolution and the “long creation”, if I may coin a term, I can recognize the valid science in those ideas which invalidate most of the AGW fantasies.
    I’m sure there are deniers who are also “young Earth” creationists but some evangelicals are also devote to AGW theory. So I imagine there are at least a few “young Earth” believers in the AGW gang as well. Any large group has outliers.

  3. Having been raised as a scientist (chemist) by a scientist (physicist) and having seen *really* good populist expositors of science (Julius Sumner Miller, Richard Feynman), I believe Bilbo the Clown should run away back to his circus.

  4. Hell, it’s worked with evolution. I can’t talk about what a crappy pseudo-science it is without instantly being accused of being a creationist luddite.

  5. To bad his so-called science is more hype than fact. It is the global warming zealots use non sequiturs in a feeble attempt at trying to man made global warming true. Criticizing creationists is one thing, but these yahoos are just as dogmatic if not more so than those they criticize.

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