Appellate court skeptical of Nanny Bloomberg soda ban

“Justice David Friedman said the city appeared to be asking for unprecedented authority to regulate all sorts of portion sizes, including ‘the number of doughnuts a person could eat, the number of scoops of ice cream’ and number of servings of fried chicken.”

Read more at CBSNews.

3 thoughts on “Appellate court skeptical of Nanny Bloomberg soda ban”

  1. “Obesity rates continue to rise and diabetes is very strongly associated with obesity.”

    I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes two years ago and my doc cannot explain why – I weigh 165 lbs and have never been overweight. The use of the word “strongly” conflates in the mind of the scientifically illiterate as “cause of”. I’d bet that Dr. Farley is more of a political hack appointee than a real doctor.

  2. The appeals court is correct. Bloomberg and his enablers are asking for exactly the authority to determine what you may buy, and thus in effect what you can eat.
    Two points I’d like to add. First, tobacco legislation opened this door. Second, people keep electing their oppressors to get goodies, but they damage everyone’s liberties when they do it.

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