3 thoughts on “Why the EU could terminate global warming hysteria”

  1. Nicely cogent analysis, JS. Especially the last line: even good news may have troublesome surprises.

  2. The US is quickly becoming the new OPEC, especially when gas prices are being considered. And with that, much of our power generation is shifting to gas.

    Europe and Japan will suffer from less competitive world positions, even if we export surplus gas to them. The have reserves, but may not be nearly as efficient at bringing them online.

    The biggest losers here are OPEC and Russia with huge consequences for world power distibution and politics.

    A happy enough picture for us, but not without real concerns.

  3. The chart makes important points about the cost of energy in a semi-command economic system.
    It necessarily leaves out the influence of electricity prices and other energy costs through the economy. When you raise the costs of goods, you sell less stuff and stifle your economy. Economic stifling lowers the standard of living for all but the destitute (who have little to lose) and the very wealthy.
    If this loss in standard of living actually meant something, we could debate whether the benefit outweighed the cost. But it is all loss and no gain at all for the environment.
    Vaguely related: fracking for natural gas especially could disarm the Russian bear of one its favorite weapons.

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