4 thoughts on “Warmists launch new water scare: Predict top 10 US areas to run out of water”

  1. This looks like another statistical modelling effort disguised as a “study”. The results are surely defined by the assumptions that went into the model. Most likely, this one is trash just like all of the other ones.

  2. NY state has an enormous upstate watershed to draw from. In fact, the state has already cataloged every river, stream, creek, brook, rivulet, reservoir, lake, pond and mud puddle as a potential source of water for the downstate region. Have the enviros heard of the Great Lakes or the St. Lawrence and Hudson rivers? Or are they opposed to new water pipelines and refineries? Perhaps there are water issues in the desert states, but not east of the Mississippi.

  3. Veolia Water finances a study which concludes we need more Veolia Water. Amazin’ how that happens.

  4. They say the appropriate climate words, but what they really want to do is get some business going building reservoirs and installing plumbing for them. They’ll have to do it anyway, but why not advertise? Get the projects sooner? And get lax oversight and plenty of leeway from inspectors because it’s they’re ‘green’ projects. There’s probably some ‘climate mitigation’ grant money involved too.

    With the climate change narrative, you can sell nearly anything that’s not coal.

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