6 thoughts on “Warmists block freighter from delivering coal to Mass. power plant”

  1. You won;t get a jury of 12 to convict. Remember that group who climbed up a power plant and forced the whole place to shut down? Two groups did it separately. At least one group got an acquittal

  2. IANAL & I live in the UK.
    However, if the shipping company and the power plant loose money as a result of the action, why not claim for the losses? Nobody is astopping freedom of speech and freedom of demonstration but if I were to cause Greenpeace to loose money by deliberately obstructing their lawful activities I bet they would have me in court. And fast.

  3. As long as they aren’t being violent, they aren’t valid targets. However, the first time that someone picks up a rock and throws it or they ram the ship, they become pirates and can legally be slain by anyone who meets them.

  4. Seems like one could cut the anchor cable easily enough. Hey, I’ve read the Hornblower books. “Hory” would have gone right through the lobster boat, though.

  5. “They also said the Coast Guard appeared to be having difficulty moving the lobster boat out of the way.” If the water was deep enough, they should have scuttled the thing.

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