Warmist blames skeptics for Facebook removing cli-fi novel page

Greg Laden offers no evidence but blames skeptics nonetheless. Says skeptics “bully” people.

From ScienceBlogs:

A friend of mine, Gareth Renowden, wrote a novel called The Aviator (The Burning World). It is a post-climate change story, set in the future, and it is a good one. I highly recommend it. Gareth is also an activist who puts considerable effort into climate change. Some time in the last few hours, the Facebook page Gareth had created to promote his novel was taken down by Facebook. From Gareth’s blog post on the matter:

Yesterday The Aviator‘s Facebook page disappeared. When I logged in to check the page I was greeted by a message that said the page was being removed because it had been identified as carrying material related to bullying. There was a button labelled “appeal”, so I pressed it. That’s all. No contact information, no detail of the complaint. Nothing. Except that I was also prevented from posting or sharing anything on Facebook for 12 hours. The page no longer exists, and I am annoyed.

So: why did this happen?

Gareth is well known to the science denialist community, and I strongly suspect that climate change denialists are behind this. This is what they do. They bully people…

Read more from Greg Laden.

5 thoughts on “Warmist blames skeptics for Facebook removing cli-fi novel page”

  1. The name didn’t ring a bell, so I went searching. Over at Gareth’s blog we see Laden going further with the conspiracy theory ( http://burningworldbooks.wordpress.com/2013/05/31/facebook-unfriends-the-aviator/comment-page-1/#comment-1124 ), saying “…you might notice certain chatter in certain places if this is a denialist prank. They’ll crow …”

    Ironic, since it seems to be Laden doing the crowing, which must have caught Steve Milloy’s attention…

    But, after throwing Gareth’s name into my mega-notes pile, now I recognize him from a 2012 Aussie internet radio show ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=TRM8-bi9NHw#t=1351s ), where at the 22:30 point he lets loose with this gem about the Heartland Institute: “… basically, Heartland funds people to tell lies…”

    He fails to offer any proof for that, of course. Predictable, our AGW friends are.

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