WaPo commits photo fraud for global warming column

Check out this print edition photo accompanying Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson’s unhinged rant on climate today:

WaPo Photo Fraud

First, those billowing emissions from the smokestacks are water vapor — not carbon dioxide, which is invisible.

Next, the photo was taken either at dawn or dusk, thereby darkjening the billowing vapor to make it look ominous.

The WaPo has been smacked about this before… but apparently its editors simply don’t care.

Click for Robinson’s childish rant of half-truths.

4 thoughts on “WaPo commits photo fraud for global warming column”

  1. Making the vapor form a silhouette gives the appearance of smoke but the US has cleaned up most of the industrial smoke sources. Here’s what amuses me most about the photo: the water vapor is actually a much stronger greenhouse component than the CO2. And humans produce quite a bit of water vapor. But natural sources produce a great deal more.
    I’ve seen articles about the “carbon budget”, a valid idea but one that is being misused by AGW advocates. I’ve never seen anything on a water vapor budget.

  2. “The only logical impact, according to those same scientists, is climate change.”

    “the solution to climate change”

    Let’s make that “climates change.” The earth doesn’t have a climate, it has many.

    Should the mean temperature of the earth go up a degree or two (which would not be “climate change”), most climates won’t change noticeably. Local weather is more a function of weather patterns than the mean temperature of the earth. The threat of “climate change” is completely hollow.

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