UK economist Nicholas Stern: Global warming to make ‘armed conflict a permanent feature of life on Earth’

As reported by Energy & Environment Magazine:

Lord Nicholas Stern, now head of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change, said that at this rate global concentrations could reach 5°C, with potentially catastrophic implications.

“Hundreds of millions of people will be forced to leave their homelands because their crops and animals will have died,” he said. “The trouble will come when they try to migrate into new lands, however. That will bring them into armed conflict with people already living there. Nor will it be an occasional occurrence. It could become a permanent feature of life on Earth.”

Read more at Energy & Environment Magazine.

17 thoughts on “UK economist Nicholas Stern: Global warming to make ‘armed conflict a permanent feature of life on Earth’”

  1. Hello
    Couldn’t someone sell him some secluded British castle where he could withdraw from public life and spend the rest of his days writing his memoirs, drinking Scotch or Irish (depending on taste and availability), playing golf and, above all, keep silent? He has already made so much damage with his incredible report that he should see his responsibility to society and draw the right conclusions.

  2. Stern has just proved to everyone that he is a believer in Witchcraft. How else could he reach the conclusions he does?

  3. Stern may be an economist but “climate expert” is made up all right.
    He’s rather a poor economist at that, or else he has shamefully sold himself out.
    As one who is interested in science, including stats and the dismal science, I am always angry at the sight of charlatans dressed as scientists.

  4. How insightful of Stern. He is smart enough to realize that Iran, Al Qaeda and other Islamic extremists have been waging war against Western civilization since 1979. But, that was before anthropogenic global warming was invented.

  5. ” …global concentrations could reach 5°C…” am I the only one to whom this does not quite make sense?

  6. Given that there has basically always been a war somewhere during the last 3500 years, forecasting war as ‘a permanent feature’ is probably accurate.

  7. How insightful . Considering man has been at war 93% of the time though out history, I guess its a safe bet. What climate has to do with it? More than likely nothing

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