Two-Decade-Old Harvard Health Data Confounds U.S. EPA Nomination

“Buried in the questions Senate Republicans want answered by the nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency is a stumper: data linking microscopic particles in the air to premature death.”

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One thought on “Two-Decade-Old Harvard Health Data Confounds U.S. EPA Nomination”

  1. So the link between particulate exposure and death is a single study done by Harvard in the early 90’s? That’s a very large weight to rest on a single capstone. For particulate to have the massive effects claimed, it would be blatantly obvious, like tobacco’s death toll. In fact, the tobacco research would have a clear particulate dose-response between non-users & chewers, filtered cigarette smokers, non-filtered cigarette smokers, and cigar smokers in that order. In fact, unfiltered smokers should drop dead within years instead of living long enough for cancers to do them when they are eldery.

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