Study: Global warming increases monsoonal precipitation

“New research by scientists at the University of New Mexico suggests that future warming may lead to above average monsoonal moisture.”

Their findings, in contrast to previously held views, suggest that colder than normal Northern Hemisphere temperatures and North Atlantic sea surface temperatures (SSTs) are correlated with this extended Northern Hemisphere monsoon drought episodes, while warmer than normal temperatures are correlated with wetter than usual climate.


2 thoughts on “Study: Global warming increases monsoonal precipitation”

  1. Howdy Stan
    Yes, whatever happens will be a catastrophe. So give up your standard of living and pay no attention to the misery of those who live in real energy poverty.
    Actually, this item makes sense. The blip above, at least, does not assign a cause to global warming or even allege that it’s occurring. (I didn’t read the whole thing.) But the model suggests that a warmer world will increase precipitation due to increased vapor formation. It’s part of the negative feedback cycle and I’ve heard it discussed from the early days of AGW tomfoolery.
    Increased precipitation should increase glacier formation. Some of the valleys that have been exposed in recent decades might fill back up. It’s hard to know if that’s a net benefit or loss to the nearby biosphere. Glaciers are sources of water but they’re not very productive of food resources.

  2. So if we stop Global Warming, we’re going to get droughts? As opposed to the droughts that Global Warming will cause, when it’s not causing hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards? Wait….what?

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