Steve Milloy dishes on environmentalism on C-SPAN TV — Monday, May 27, 6:05 pm ET

Steve Milloy, the founder and publisher of, gives a conservative view on environmentalism and academia. The National Association of Scholars hosted this event in New York City, marking the 25th anniversary of that organization.

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7 thoughts on “Steve Milloy dishes on environmentalism on C-SPAN TV — Monday, May 27, 6:05 pm ET”

  1. Awesome! Great talk Steve; thank you for posting. I can now direct friends to it.

    I just don’t understand why it is labelled a conservative view. I get the sense that any informed opinion or even a simple account of facts are somehow associated with conservatism. What’s so conservative about being informed?

  2. Good presentation, sir! I feel I know you better.

    A minor nit: the fish causing problems with water supply in California is the delta smelt, not the snail darter. The snail darter caused problems with water in Tennessee.

  3. Steve – hope you realize how many fans you’ve had in Canada for years, too? FYI: the passionate involvement is growing daily, as more “average Canadians” catch on and publicly engage both online and offline – from local council chambers to radio talk shows, in the “local” fight back against the anti-human comprehensive global Agenda for Control.

  4. Thank you for the kind words and support. I am enthused to see Canadians pushing back!

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