RFK Jr. likens oil from Canada to slaves from Africa

From Robert Kennedy Jr.’s interview with the CBC:

Q: The Canadian government has derided “foreign special interest groups” and “radicals” who are critical of the Alberta oil sands and the plan to funnel its products to the U.S. via the planned Keystone Pipeline. The heated rhetoric aside, if there’s demand for our oil in your country, is it fair for the flow to be throttled?

A: If there were demands for slavery from Africa, would it not be fair for us as the United States to say, “We’re not going allow slaves to be shipped to our country?”

Read more at CBC.

5 thoughts on “RFK Jr. likens oil from Canada to slaves from Africa”

  1. The man obviously has no conception of the stock market and how it works.In his screed to the Communist Broadcasting Corporation as some call the CBC,he forgets that if colleges divest themselves of their oil and gas holdings,it will just allow others to buy the stock.The endowment funds are only hurting the very students they want to help. I dare say that a case could be made that these endowment boards of directors may be guilty of a breach of fiduciary trust in not trying to maximise the returns on their funds:then again, when did logic ever get in the way of these hypocrites’ beliefs.

  2. Why does a man whose claim to fame is solely his surname and inherited money have anything to add to this fiasco?

  3. There’s a new non-fiction book out, where a Dr. Feelgood got a President(JFK) and Celebs addicted to methadrine injections.   RFK Jr’s comparison of foreign slaves to the domestic “Oceans of oil” in the USA, is absurd, suggesting he’s getting, imo, his Uncle’s shots, today.  Assuming I can make sense out of his madness (–though I shouldn’t try), RFKJr actually, Makes My point, because The “problem” in our fictional “Recovery”, is the Govt. getting in the way of the Wildcatting-Entrepreneurs, with un-elected, faceless Fascists of the EPA that do no more than make a commodity more expensive, which I can tell you, will NOT resonate with “Joe on the Street”.  Kennedys can easily afford expensive gas, and those same elitist Kennedys don’t care a fig, about OUR difficulty in filling Our cars.  The Kennedy elitists also don’t CARE that WE are not able to buy an electric car, where the cost of gas has shifted to a coal-plant, making a hypocrite & a Fool of yet another Kennedy.–RFKJr’s already Morally challenged, imo, because he has NOT REPUDIATED the absurd finding- against the “Patsy” of his Father’s murder, Sirhan-Sirhan.   Sirhan-Sirhan–an innocent man, because his Father’s killing wounds were 22cal.,–had a different gun, –a 32cal.    If this drugged-up whelp of Priviledge, would sweep the Real source of his father’s murder under a rug of Injustice, what makes us Think that he “really” CARES about you & I?  Friends, there’s Great Power in “green” issues, because those attract corrupt, Globalist money.   But going after corrupt-money via seeking Power, ultimately corrupts a man like RFKJr., who’s probably smarter than Hellary, but has much less money to win a campaign over a  Clinton.


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