11 thoughts on “NYC elementary school becomes first to go all vegetarian”

  1. We have a very few Muslims living in Billings. My discussion with my son and my daughter has been along these lines: It’s appropriate to provide a cafeteria item acceptable to the Muslim families each day, but not to prohibit items that they don’t want. If the Muslim families want to keep their kids out of PE because of gym clothes requirements, okay, but they don’t get to tell all the other students what to wear.

  2. It’s a basic diet. A third of the world eats almost entirely vegetarian due to culture or out of necessity. It’s not the end of the world. In fact it’s not the end of anything.

  3. Should be sued on 1st Amendment grounds, barred as an “establishment of religion”.

  4. Ok, so they have all vegetarian. It’s neither good nor bad. It’s different. If they have a high proportion of Indian or Jewish/Muslim population, it might be easier than providing for multiple dietary requirements. If you notice, it’s ovo/lacto vegetarian, so it’s relatively easy to get all the vitamins and there should be decent variety of food available.

    I’m far more concerned about the falacious reasoning to support it than the actual change itself (which is, I am very concerned about them feeding the kids junk science and not concerned at all about them feeding the kids food). And could they get any more transparent? “I like that it didn’t have a lot of salt in it” from a 9 year old. That quote’s either fake or spoon-fed to the kid in a “salt is bad” class.

  5. You’d like to think the parents would be howling unless it’s a charter school that parents have selected for bad policy.
    When the voters have selected the nannies, though, it’s danged hard to get rid of them.

  6. Knoxville, TN city schools announced they would start serving pizza. The sauce? Not tomato sauce! Oh, no! It’s sweet potato sauce! I call that a great way to keep people from eating pizza, resulting in certain weight loss.

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