More Bad Astronomer Rant: Temperature in Kansas to hit ‘120 degrees for months on end’

Bad Astronomer Phil Plait continues his rant:

And in this case, saying [carbon dioxide] is plant food is just ignoring the biggest p[roblem here and that you’re heating the world up.

Yeah, plants breathe carbon dioxide and some plants will do better in a more carbon dioxide-rich environment. However, while it is great that you can grow pineapples in Toronto, what’s going to happen to Kansas? These plants down there, when the temperature hits 120 degrees or something like that for months on end because the Earth is warmign up, they’re going to die.

Listen to Plait’s rant (this rant begins at about 7:03 into the audio).

4 thoughts on “More Bad Astronomer Rant: Temperature in Kansas to hit ‘120 degrees for months on end’”

  1. Howdy Wilbert
    Tucson is at a higher elevation than Phoenix, about 1,000 feet higher I think it is, so it’s often a little cooler than Phoenix. We thought of ourselves as Phoenix’s summer home…by the way, it was 117, not 177, although at that point it kinda felt like it.

  2. if CO2 is the MAIN climate driver ,as we are being told , Then Why is it 122 in Phoenix and 177 in Tuscon? Should it not be the same? 🙂

  3. Even Al Gore accepts that we’re not going to raise the temp in Kansas to 120. Reductio ad absurdum.
    I’ve been in Phoenix at 122 and in Tucson at 117. Thank goodness for relatively cheap electricity and air conditioning.

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