3 thoughts on “Meteorological Society president cites global warming disaster movie ‘Day After Tomorrow’ as science”

  1. Actually, the president’s citation has been verified…..by Duck Dodger in the 24½th Century!!

  2. “Day After Tomorrow” is about as scientific as the “Godzilla” (“Gojira”, for purists) series.
    Otzi, the Ice Man of the Tyrolean Alps, came to view when a glacier retreated. But he’d been there all that time because a glacier formed on top of him. Glaciers are less stable than many people seem to think.

  3. I didn’t see the movie, but seem to recall from the ads New York harbor and waves instantly freezing. I’d really be interested in his explanation of the science behind that happening.
    Science and climate change have been interesting partners. I seem to recall some folks telling us how fast the glaciers would return to their ice age levels with times of just a few years. One of the Meteorology facaulty members did that until we started calculating how fast you would have to move to stay ahead of the forming glaciers.

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