3 thoughts on “German government targets skeptic Fred Singer in 2013; FLASHBACK: Germans forced Singer’s family to flee Austria in 1938”

  1. Flasbarths Flashback!
    Jochen Flasbarth, who is president of the UBA (the german EPA), studied politics and philosophy and has a M.Sc.degree in economics!
    After leading the NABU (lit.”Nature defense union” something like the “SierraClub”) for ten years, the minister for environment, J. Trittin (former member of the communist alliance of west germany , now leading member of the Greens) installed him as head of the UBA! The guy has no scientific background, he’s just an eco-activist (Orwellian-newspeak for fanatic!).
    Some people overhere would title him even as an ecofacist. And so the circle closes regarding Fred Singer, who is a serious scientist and therefore again and again defamated by the CAGW-swindlers!

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