One thought on “Enviro: ‘Zombie climate sceptic theories survive only in newspapers and on TV’”

  1. McIntyre exposed the clique of tree ring scientists who published self reinforcing gibberish while excluding any papers challenging their views. If a model’s goodness of fit measures are near zero, the model doesn’t explain anything. Saying it does in different papers won’t make it so.

    The challenges to AGW are three as I understand it.
    1) The hockey stick was nonsense. This is established.
    2) The positive feedback between CO2 and water vapor doesn’t make sense, as noise will set off any system with positive feedback.
    3) As i understand it, there has always been a mismatch between warming signals from human gathered terrestrial data and signals from electronic generated satellite data since the introduction of satellite data. The satellite data shows no warming for nearly two decades while the CO2 load increased markedly.

    Consensus, or lack thereof, doesn’t answer any of these three problems.

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