4 thoughts on “Beekeepers sue EPA over pesticide approvals”

  1. Well, no. There were already many pollinating bees in North America before the Europeans arrived with their species. Look it up.

  2. In North America, honeybees are a *non-native* species. They were imported by the Europeans. Really. An *endangered* non-native species would be a rather unique circumstance.

    As you might imagine, North American Indians were always on the brink of total starvation until the Europeans arrived. Because without honeybees, crops of everything always totally failed, forcing them into a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. These peaceful people would have all been vegans and had no choice but to subsist on buffalo and other hapless animals. OK that part was just kidding.

    Pollinating insects are everywhere, and they’re, as they say, ‘busy as bees’.

  3. “But we are really getting to a critical shortfall of pollinators”

    Curious how farm production keeps increasing.

  4. Wanna make a few bucks, hire a lawyer to sue for just about anything “environmental”. Biggest scam in recent times

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