9 Biggest Myths About the Apocalypse

Why climate change-caused mass extinction in the next 100 years is nothing to worry about.

From oi9.com:

3. Climate change could cause a mass extinction in the next 100 years

Mass extinctions are the worst disaster that can befall life on Earth, with over 75 percent of species going extinct. And they are almost always caused by climate change. But mass extinctions usually take about a million years — the shortest one is estimated to have taken on the order of 100-200 thousand years. So climate change could make things really horrible in the next century, leading to famines and superstorms. But a mass extinction will take a lot longer than that.

4. Climate change won’t really lead to an apocalypse

Actually, it will. Most mass extinctions are caused by climate change. They are often precipitated by disasters like massive outpourings of lava from volcanoes, or an asteroid hitting the planet. But the real damage comes from all the ash, toxins, and carbon that gets loaded into the atmosphere, plunging the planet into an era of superheating or supercooling.

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