Warmist claim: Skeptics paid $235 million — in 2010 alone!

There’s photographic evidence, too.

From Inside Climate News:

… According to research to be released this month by Robert Brulle, a sociologist at Drexel University in Philadelphia, organizations that cast doubt on climate science have received hundreds of millions of dollars from energy companies and sympathetic interests to combat action on climate change and other progressive causes—including $235 million in 2010 alone…

If you look real hard at the photo below, you’ll recognize me blogging from my yacht on the Cote d’Azur.


5 thoughts on “Warmist claim: Skeptics paid $235 million — in 2010 alone!”

  1. Don’t forget WWF. In their 2012 report, they had income of $245 million. Between Greenpeace (or is that “Piece of the Green”?) and WWF that’s a combined budget of $581 million.

    They can’t win with their “science” since Gaia refuses to co-operate so they’ve resorted to finding how much money skeptics receive. It doesn’t really matter, because the warmists receive far more money, from these two sources alone (and look into what govt spends on climate change).

  2. They include opposition to other “progressive causes” in that number, so that includes all conservative think tank budgets, ignoring that the climate portion of that money is tiny.

  3. That’s less than Gore has made. I don’t think I’m getting a big enough cut of this payola. I’m getting tired of doing it for nothing. I sure do wish he had supplied data in the article so I could apply for my fair share.

  4. Well slap my A$$ and call me Skeptic.

    Hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars paid out, and no one can find it. Buried on Oak Island, maybe? Buried in the end zone of Giant’s stadium?


    “The money fueling these skeptic campaigns is more than environmental groups will ever be able to match,” Brulle told InsideClimate News.

    A direct, outlandish LIE. Greenpeace alone has an annual budget of $336 million.


    As a sociologist, Brulle is showing gross incompetence. The facts are easily checked.

  5. Wow! That’s official recognition! Now I can print “I’m a sympathetic interest” on my T-shirt.

    That piece of work has so far attracted a single comment advising them to shut up.

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