UN Chief: ‘Dutifully, faithfully turning off lights in my hotel’ to slow climate change

Ban Ki Moon, leading by example.

From Bloomberg Businessweek:

…In addition, people and corporations must reduce waste and consume energy more efficiently. He told bankers and fund managers gathered at the conference they must “lead by example” and that he’s doing the same.

“I have been dutifully, faithfully turning off lights in my hotel,” Ban said. “Sometimes it’s very difficult these days, all different hotels have a very different system of lighting. Normally I stay in a suite so there are many, many lights.”…

5 thoughts on “UN Chief: ‘Dutifully, faithfully turning off lights in my hotel’ to slow climate change”

  1. Off topic but amusing: when I got married, some friends got the hotel to let them into the bridal suite. They unscrewed all the light bulbs except one, tied every towel and washcloth and curtain into an overhand knot, and short-sheeted the marital bed.

  2. Climate change is a chimera. Genuine pollution exists and some comes from generating electricity. Resources are limited; even the most abundant resources have limits at some point and energy resources are always less abundant than potential need. So let’s applaud the good stewardship even as we point out the fallacy. In his honor, I jus turned off my desk lamp and opened the curtains to catch the early light instead.
    Perhaps Mr. Ban could stay somewhere less spacious, but he is a global VIP and he has an entourage. His travel arrangements are going to be more elaborate than mine and that’s okay.

  3. Oh dear. What a nice fellow. What else can he do? Stop war? In Australia they are still celebrating it – like their English ancestors. Mind you, the air force is really fun, so long as you don’t get shot down.

  4. “Normally I stay in a suite so there are many, many lights,” tells you all you need to know about the UN and ans the elitist, lefty/statists who run it and hover around it.

  5. Doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons…..
    or at least SOME of the right things: if he was really sincere he would stay in a smaller room: less air to heat and cool which use a lot more energy than a few bulbs. But he’s a sincere hypocrite.

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