3 thoughts on “Supreme Court petitioned to overturn decision allowing EPA to regulate greenhouse gases”

  1. In short, the claim is that the court is being asked to find the EPA has overstepped its constitutional authority in the manner that has enforced the law. On page 3, it’s asking without outright asking the question “how is it possible for no one have standing to challenge the tailoring rule”. Also, if the EPA bases their judgement on falsehood, then the appeals courts have the ability to overturn the judgement.

  2. There’s a potential problem here. As with the Affordable Care Act, the Supreme Court is supposed to rule on the merits of law, not on the facts of a case. I know that sounds strange but that’s why the Supreme Court hears arguments, not testimony. I don’t know what level of “egregious” is necessary to overturn a lower court’s finding on facts.

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